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Catholic comprehensive community college participates a lot in sports basically to its staff as well as the entire student union. CCX football club is our school team with strong capabilities of scoring its targets in games. CCX FC is based in our premises playground.


This name has a brief history. It is named after the current Bishop of Leribe Dioses Augustinus Tumaole Bane. Ccx which was the number plate of Matatiele South Africa vehicles, was his football name during his boyhood. This motto RE BA NOESA MORIANA, which in English implies that we make them (our opponents), drink bitter herb, Moriana was the name of the late Bishop Paul Malefetsane Khoarai of the dioses of Leribe in his boyhood. CCX was established in 2000 And it is now playing A division this season.

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Catholic Comprehensive community college offers a supportive and caring campus environment for you to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The college has a broad range of options for leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement while providing for students' health, and safety. You can participate in more than 200 student organizations with shared interests in arts and culture, athletics, social action, diversity, fraternity and sorority life and much more. Join an organization or start a new organization catered to a particular topic as soon as you step foot on campus.

Catholic Comprehensive community college students are independent, curious, highly intellectual, and full of character. While no two are entirely alike, they all share one characteristic and love of intellectual inquiry. The heart and soul of the CCCC experience is founded in a rigorous academic program that balances breadth of knowledge across the curriculum with depth of knowledge in a particular field of study. Our students bring their best work to conferences, where they are known to debate conceptions of morality.
The rich questions and vivid discussions persist well after the class ends; they continue to explore with friends how eudaimonia fits in with CCCC’s Honor Principle. Their big questions and ambitious work ethic work in tandem with the pursuit of life beyond the classroom. Extracurricular interests include volunteer work, leading student groups and other organizations, joining teams (sports and otherwise), and generally fostering new communities as they connect over unexpected hobbies. Being a CCCCie means exploring everything: from building motorized couch vehicles and wandering trails in the canyon to sipping a warm drink in the student-run coffee shop and dancing the night away in the student union.

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