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The idea of the bishop of Leribe, His Lordship Bishop Paul Khoarai was to form a Technical Institute of high standards for Basotho youth so as to enable Lesotho to be able to transform in comparison with other countries.His Lordship Bishop Paul Khoarai discussed his idea with the Synod of Bishops in the Southern African Catholic Church and the idea was given a go ahead. For this reason Bishop went on and looked for ways to form a school. In his search, he met an American expert priest, Father Joseph Ceryl Schlarman who immediately understood His idea. In 1971-1972 He came to Lesotho and saw the need for the school to be formed immediately. After hasty preparations, the school was formed within the buildings of Secret Heart High School in St Monica.

It began with just one department being Automotive in 1973 and followed by General building the following year (1974) in the same area.Within those yeas another mini department was opened, which was known as the production department. It was aimed at raising funds inorder to meet the daily needs of the student. Under this department they produced stuff such as Pocket radios, dimmer switches, feather dust using turkey feathers, scotch carts, nylon stockings and ceramic table tops to mention a few. Moreover Bishop Khoarai had taken step to finding a plot where the school could be build and that plot is in the South East of Hlotse where the school is currently found.

Our Achievements


During this time Mr. Schlarman was calculating the costs and planning structures to be built in order to fulfill Bishop Khoarai’s dream. After all the planning Bishop Khoarai asked for funds from the Mesereor; an organization within the Catholic Church in German and funds were granted hence the building of the school commenced.s soon as the buildings were completed the school moved from Secret heart to Hlotse. This happened in 1976. At that time more departments were introduced, being; electrical Installation in 1976, followed by Carpentry and Joinery in 1977, Plumbing in 1992 and finally Information Technology (IT) in 2010. As soon as the school moved to Hlotse it was named Technical School of Leribe (TSL), and later in 2011 changed to Catholic Comprehensive Community College (CCCC) as known today.The first instructors were volunteers from German and America and one Mosotho in the Automotive Department: Mr. Francis Letsoelopele Matshabe. Later a society call Skillshare Africa which aims at aiding African countries helped out. As time moved on, more Basotho got involved as the volunteers moved back to their countries.

A few men headed the school such as Fr.Schlarman who was the first, followed by brother of the Secret Heart Bro. MarkAresta from America in 1975-1977. Within 1978-1979 followed a volunteer Mr. Morris Casworth, who was followed by Brother from the Catholic Church in America Mr.William Pitcavege in 1979 to 1980. Due to the circumstances which were present in 1980, Bishop Khoarai, founder of the school, had to take over. Thereafter followed Mr. Ejna Jansen who was send by a society of the church in Denmark called Denish church Aid in 1980-1982. From 1982-1987 a priest from the German Catholic church, who was then a member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit Mr. Francis Moldanlead the school.

Bro.Francis Bolofo who was a member of the Brothers of Secret Heart headed the school from 1988-1991, the year in which he was separated from us by dearth. May his soul rest in peace. For this reason, Fr.FrancisMoldan took over temporarily until the end of the year. Father Mahloane then took the ropes until 1995. He was followed by Mr Thetsane Moholi who still stands as the head of the school till this day. He is the first to head the school who was trained in the same school. Mr. Moholi went to nature his skills in Germany (1997-1998). During that time Mr. Tsheliso Mntambo filled in temporarily.

The school has six departments and twenty Instructors with more than 2700 graduates since it was formed. Per year a total of 240 students is accepted to study and about 100 to 120 make it to the finish line.

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Our mostly senior Team

This elders are the foundation of the school since Technical School of Leribe, Catholic Technical School of Leribe until Catholic Comprehensive Community College They are the ones remaining in the campus mainly as heads of various departments due to their skills and experience in the college.

Mr. Moholi Thetsane


Mr Mohapi Maqalika


Mr Mmuso Mpuru